Sumner County School Index

Sumner County School Index was created from various sources, books: The Great Leap Westward by Walter Durham, Old Sumner by Walter Durham, Rebellion Revisited by Walter Durham, Historic Sumner County by Jay Cisco, Generations by Velma Brinkley and Mary Huddleston Malone and Sesquicentennial Portland, Tennessee.  Additional research material was derived from Dr. James Thomas Photograph Collection, Allen Haynes Photograph Collection, Sumner County 1930's Health Department map, 1878 Sumner County map and newspaper articles.

Sumner County Schools Location Year
Anderson  Dobbin Pike in Sulfura  
Anglea Buck Perry Rd.?  
Austin New Deal Potts Rd.  
Avondale African American school  
Barr's school District 10 1878 map  
Beech High School Long Hollow Pike  
Beech Hill Academy District 5 1878 map  
Beech School Long Hollow Pike  
Bethel Robertson County/Bethel Road  
Bethpage High School Bethpage  
Bethpage School Bethpage  
Big Springs Church & School District 16 1878 map  
Bledsoe African American school  
Bledsoe Academy Castalian Springs   
Bledsoe Academy /Female near Rural Academy 1840
Bledsoe Lick Castalian Springs  1787
Bledsoe School Castalian Springs   
Blythe Street African American school  
Bon Air  Hwy. 174 , Brackentown Rd.  
Boyers School    
Brackentown Highland Rd./Hwy. 259  
Brooks School Fowler Ford Rd./Opossum Rd.  
Broomsage/Oak Grove African American school  
Brown School    
Buck Lodge Old Gallatin Rd.,Buck Lodge  
Buckley Chapel    
Buffalo Westmoreland  
Bush's Chapel    
C.H. School? Central High School?    
Cairo Academy Cairo  
Cairo African American school  
Cedar Grove District 3 from 1878 map  
Center Point Center Point Rd? 1891
Central Academy Gallatin  
Central High School Gallatin  
Chestnut Grove Hwy. 76, Jackson Rd.  
Chestnut Hill Dobbins Pike  
Clearview Clearview Rd.  
Cold Springs built by Thomas Baskerville 1854/1857
Cooper Rabe Coats Rd.  
Corinth Old Hwy. 52  
Corum Hill Corum Hill Rd.  
Cottontown Cottontown, Hwy. 25  
Cottontown African American school  
Crossroads Rapids Rd./Hwy. 259  
Dorris Parkers Chapel Rd./Ranch Rd.  
Douglas Chapel/Ocana Station Camp Creek on Long Hollow Pike  
Dry Fork Dry Fork Creek  
Durham Chapel African American school  
Edmondson Seminary    
Fairfield Nubia Rd./Fairfield Rd.  
Fairmont became Oakmont closed 1953
First School Bus, Durham, Miles    
Fountain Head Fountain Head  
Gallatin  Sunday School Possibly at Gallatin Presbyterian Church 1830
Gallatin Female Academy  1828 Became Sumner Female Academy 1838 1836
Gallatin High School Gallatin  
Gallatin Male Seminary Gallatin  
Gallatin Private Institute Gallatin 1920
Gallatin School/Gallatin Common School Gallatin 1839
Garrett Creek Garrett Creek Rd.  
Goodlettsville Elementary Davidson County  
Goodlettsville High School Davidson County  
Gravel Hill African American school  
Halls Chapel African American school/Rock House Hollow  
Hall Town New Deal  
Hart's Hill African American school  
Hartsville Female Institute near Hartsville 1836/1838
Hartsville Male Academy near Hartsville 1837
Hawkins Preparatory Gallatin  
Haynes Seminary for Young Ladies   August 3 1878
Hendersonville Elementary Hendersonville  
Hendersonville High School Hendersonville  
Hickory Grove African American school  
Hickory Hill Carter Rd./Corinth Rd.  
Highland Academy Seventh Day Adventist School 1946 1908
Hinton, Allen, Bus Driver    
Hollis Chapel Hollis Chapel  
Home Bound African American school  
Hopewell African American school 13th district  
Howard 8th Grade Gallatin  
Howard Elementary Gallatin  
Howard Female College Main Street, Gallatin 1856
Howard School Bus Gallatin  
Hunter's School    
Independence School    
Isaac Franklin Institute Fairvue 1847
John Paul II Hendersonville 2000
Kansas African American school, Hwy 31, Kansas Rd.  
Liberty High School    
Liberty School   1838
Lickton Davidson County  
Link's School    
Little Brown School House first school Oak Grove  
Little Oak Cross Roads & Sengtown/Ray Rd./Hwy. 259  
Littleton Academy    
Lodabar Academy    
Look Sharp    
Love's Chapel    
Macedonia African American school/Belote's Bend  
Madison Academy    
Madison Creek    
Main Street Gallatin  
Main Street High School Main St. Gallatin  
Martin Chapel Martin Chapel Rd.  
Masonic Male High School of Gallatin Gallatin  
McElwrath School    
McKendree Academy Fountain Head 1874
Merrol Hyde Magnet School New Shackle Island Rd. 2003
Miss Banks School Main St. Gallatin 1837/1838?
Mitchellville Mitchellville  
Mitchellville African American school  
Mrs. Garrett's Female Seminary Gallatin 1835
Mt. Olive    
Mt. Olivet African American school  
Mt. Vernon   1818
Mt. Zion Academy    
Neophogen Male and Female College Cross Plains /Gallatin 1873/1874
New Hope Baptist Sch/Honeycutt's School Tyree Springs Rd. 1922
New Salem School    
Nolan Portland/located on Shun Pike latter moved 1846
North Sumner Minor Ln./Fairfield Rd.  
Number One W. of Gallatin, Pilot Knob area  
Oak Grove Hwy. 52  
Oakland New Deal closed 1953
Oakmont/Fairmont & Oakland New Deal 1953
Ocana Douglas Chapel near Elmore Douglas home  
Odham's Bend African American school  
Palmer's Chapel Closed in 1952/1953  
Parker's Chapel/ Rosenwald School African American school 13th district  
Patton Branch    
Peach Valley African American school  
Pee Dee    
Perdue White Rd./Wolf Hill Rd.  
Pericles Academy    
Persimmon Valley    
Pine Ford Academy    
Pilot Knob African American school  
Pleasant Grove School Hwy 231  
Pond Ridge    
Portland HS Portland  
Portland Elementary Gibson St., Portland 1956
Portland Seminary Portland 1874
Providence/North Sumner Clark Hollow Rd./Dutch Creek  
Pythian University Gallatin 1890's
Rock Bridge School Rock Bridge Rd. 1850
Rockland Rockland Road/African American  
Rosemary Academy Cairo Rd.  
Rural Academy E. Greenfield Lane/Castalian Springs/moved to Sideview 1812/1829?
Rural Academy Castalian Springs E. of Greenfield Lane  
Saint Frances Shackle Island community  
Saint John African American school  
Saint  John Vianney Catholic School Gallatin 1949-1965
Sarver Town African American school  
Saundersville Hendersonville  
Scattersville Hwy. 52  
Shackle Island Shackle Island  
Shackle Island School    1839
Shallow Ford Academy    
Shorts  Old/Jernigan Rd./Hwy 52 near Hwy 31W  
Slaters Chapel    
Simpson Seminary    
South Gallatin/Union African American School/Winchester St.  
Stark's Knob African American school, Hendersonville  
Station Camp Academy    
Station Camp Creek High School Gallatin 2002
Station Camp Creek Valley   1838
Stewards School African American school  
Still Water    
Sulphur Spring    
Sulfura Dobbins Pike  
Sugar Grove Hwy 174  
Sumner Academy Station Camp Creek, near Elmore Douglas home 1801/1805
Sumner County High School Portland  
Sumner Female Academy Howard Female College 1837
Sumner Female Institute    
Sumner High School Portland 1915
Sumner Training School African American school/Union High  
Sumner-Robertson Normal    
Sunnyside Long Hollow Pike/at St. Blaise  
Sylvan Academy 3 miles east Gallatin, half mile north of Hartsville Pike 1839
Teachers of Sumner County    
Tennessee High School    
Transmontania Academy Gallatin 1812 1832/1806?
Trout's Academy    
Tullatuskee Normal College Bethpage 1899
Turners Station Old Hwy. 31  
Union Chapel    
Union Elementary African American school  
Union High School Gallatin closed 1970
Union Hill burned around 1940/1941  
Union University    
Van Buren School    
Village Green African American school  
Volunteer State Community College Nashville Pike 1971
Walker' School ended 1908, students to Union Hill  
Walnut Flat    
Walnut Grove    
Westmoreland High School Westmoreland  
White Hill    
White House High School Tyree Springs Rd.  
White Oak Hwy. 259/Briley Lane, Mitchellville  
Witham Rogues Fork Rd,  
Wirt College-Enon College Hwy 231/Hwy 25 1844/1851
Wirt Seminary Hwy 231/Hwy 25 1838
Wolf's Hill    
African American Schools    
Hickory Grove District 1 ca 1868 1868
Macedonia District 1/ Belote's Bend  
Cairo District 2 Rosenwald school built 1923  
Odham Bend District 3  
Peach Valley District 4  
Stark's Knob District 5  
Avondale District 5  
Mount Olive District 8  
Cottontown District 8  
Village Green District 9  
Blythe Street District 9  
Hall's Chapel District 9  1874
Durham Chapel District 10 Rosenwald school "little red school house"  
Kansas District 10  
Hart's Hill District 10  
Stewards Chapel District 11  
Bledsoe District 11  
Sarver Town District 13  
Broomsage/Oak Grove District 15  
Parker's Chapel District 16  
Mitchellville District 16  
Union High School District 16/1888  
Scattersville District 16  
Rockland District 16  
Union Elementary    
Sumner Training School Union High School  
South Gallatin Boys Academy 1888 (white) became Rosenwald sch  
Rockland 1867 first African American school 1867
Gravel Hill     
Home Bound    
Pilot Knob    
St. John    
Hopewell District 16