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          The Sumner County Archives was established in December, 1986 under Tennessee Code by the Sumner County Commission.  Sumner County was formed in 1786 and most records survive from that date. The Archives is the official depository and research facility for county records and operates under Tennessee State  law and the direction of the Sumner County Public Records Commission. Almost all early county records are housed at the Archives. In addition to county records, the Archives has an excellent library collection that includes local genealogy and history. "A Brief Overview of the Archives Holdings," as listed below, provides a more detailed accounting of the holdings.

            All requests for information are handled by one staff member, who also assists patrons in locating resource material. Turn around time for a request is usually about four weeks.   

            Internet access is not available on the computers at SCA.  Scanners, cameras and other forms of imaging equipment belonging to researchers are not allowed in the Archives. All bags, purses and laptop cases are not permitted in the Archives, lockers with locks are available.

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What's New at the Archives

The Archive staff has completed indexing Sumner County tax lists from 1795 to 1801 and tax list from 1812-1816. In addition we are transcribing Grand Jury books 1879-1882.  The Grand Jury records are quite interesting and offer a window into the daily lives of Sumner County citizens.  After reading a few excerpts you begin to realize how closely the events of 1879 relate to current events. The Grand Jury records reflect not only unlawful behavior but also the social customs and community events of Sumner County. Below are excerpts from the Grand Jury book.

Emily Rex? Sworn says

            I live near Rockland in this county. On the 4th day of May last I was present when my husband, Herman Rex was shot by Jo H.. My husband fell and I followed Mr. H. He knock me down an ran off. He struck me on the side of the head with a double barrel gun. This took place in Mr. Doxy’s yard. Mr. Rex and I was walking to gather when he was shot. The shooting took place about 7 or 8 oclock.

Emily Rex, examined.

            When I first went up to Mr. Doxy’s because I herd a noise up there. I saw Mr. Jo H. standing in the door with a knife in his hand. I asked him what he was going to do and he steped back in the door. I get Mr. Rex and went home about ˝ past 6 o’clock.

Bob D. went down to Mr. Rex house and got a pistol and went back up the pike. We stayed at home about 15 or 20 minutes. Mr. Rex ran after him and took the pistol away from him. As soon as I got up after H. knocked me down I went back to Mr. Rex. Osborn come to where Mr. Rex was in 5 minutes after he was shot. I took the pistol from Mr. Rex pocket as they were carrying him home. Mr. Rex did not attempt to draw his pistol when H. shot, but as H. crawled around the thorn bush Mr. R said Helo? Mr. Osborn what are you doing there? And as he said this Mr.H. fired. I could not see Mr. H. for the smoke and flash but when it cleared away I saw H. still by the bush and I started to him and he ran.







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The Sumner County Archives invites you to visit our  On-line Card Catalogue  which now includes a sizeable manuscript collection.

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